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BTD-profilepicFBBored to Death book club

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Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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Oooh Shiny YA

YA book club





Our younger sister of the book club! Posts by our YA book clubbers and for our YA book clubbers.

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EsméeEsmée de Heer

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Esmée de Heer is head honcho over at the Bored to Death book club website, writing the daily content and making sure the site stays up and running. She’s one of the founding sisters of the book club and enjoys reading, writing and looking at pictures of baby animals on the internet.

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MaritzaMaritza Dubravac


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Maritza Dubravac was Bored to Death’s very first columnist. She writes about her life as a bookseller, hosts the YA book club with us and is a mean cook. She also writes for Books & Bubbles, about books and even dabbles in food writing as an editor for

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charCharlotte de Heer

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Charlotte de Heer is the oldest of the founding sisters. Even though she’s too busy for her own good, she’ll find the time to write about books she’s reading and places she’s going.

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RoyRoy den Boer

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Roy writes our book club book reviews on a monthly basis, always being critical and fair. Besides this, he is our go-to for everything about comics and graphic novels and he knows more about film than you will ever know.

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FranciscaFrancisca Priem

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Francisca is a YA book clubber looking to diversify her reading. She studied history, loves her guinea pigs and the size of her TBR pile will make you feel less bad about your own.

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_DSC1105Saskia den Ouden

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I like to complain about dumb teenagers, but I eat up their literature like it’s going out of style. In my free time I rage against various systems and drink too much coffee (the two may possibly be related).

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JadeJade Tseng



Jade is scared to call herself a writer. However, she can say that she’s a feminist, an adventurer, an amateur astro-photographer and a lover of literature and cats. She must visit a bookshop or library in every place she travels to, even if all books are in language she doesn’t understand.

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Tharuka FernandoTharuka Fernando

I live in Western Australia where I am currently studying law. When I am not working as a waitress, receptionist, or bookseller, I spend my time reading, drawing, or working on my own writing. I own exactly fourteen tropical fish and that number will not change; no matter how many more I add, my tank will inevitably return to equilibrium in a spectacularly bloody fashion. I live off tea and biscuits and neighborhood gossip so I am basically an eighty year old English grandmother. I’d probably have fourteen cats were I not allergic to them.

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NinaNina Swaep



Nina is a Rotterdam based journalist and editor. She is the author of 100% Rotterdam, writes for De Buik van Rotterdam and has her own blog The Ubiquist. Nina discovered Bored to Death’s Free Library almost a year ago and loves the project so much that she started writing about it. You can read about her experiences in the Tales of the Free Library.

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btdAndreea Sociu



Andreea Sociu is a reading corporatist. She reads on the way to work, during work and after work. She likes to read “like a child would”: everything and in a completely non-discriminatory way, giving each book and culture their fair share, mostly books on anthropology, science, war and society.

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SaadaldinLaylan Saadaldin



Laylan Saadaldin is an editor/writer based in Leiden. She enjoys writing a variety of genres, including critical nonfiction, short stories, reviews, and humor pieces. Professionally, she edits an array of copy from the academic and technical to the literary and commercial. She’s a member of The Leiden Writers Collective as well as the Leiden Book Club. When not reading, writing, or editing, Laylan enjoys long-distance running and cooking.

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VivianVivian van Wingerden

Vivian is a student of economics and psychology and takes that background into her reading. She loves to learn more about how other people perceive the world, and does so both via non-fiction and long novels. Her interests are easiest to describe by listing what is excluded, but they are mostly centered around the classics, contemporary literature, psychology, economics, philosophy, and food. Her aim is to read at least 26 books per year, and throughout the year she’ll tell you all about her newest favorites.

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