Free Library Rotterdam

We love the concept of free libraries because is there really anything better than free books? In case you’re unfamiliar with the idea, we’ll explain how they work. A free library is a small receptacle that has books you can take for free. You don’t have to return them, but you are definitely allowed to and can even bring in some of your own books.

Our Free Libraries

Most free libraries are very understated in their design, but we wanted ours to stand out and to fit in with our Rotterdam mentality. Annemieke Rensen designed both our free libraries out of old suitcases, to emphasize our town’s people as travelers with great taste.

Her design and our idea won a crowdfunding initiative, which helped us finance the whole thing. We would also like to thank Leeszaal Rotterdam West for letting us ransack their book depository once in a while to keep our library filled up.

How does a Free Library Work?

The rules of our free library are very simple:
– Take a book
– read it and enjoy it
– feel free to keep it or return it along with any other books you might have

It really is that easy. Of course, you can leave notes or recommendations for the next reader as well! A simple post-it saying ‘Pick me, I’m awesome!’ would already exceed our wildest dreams. Our free library is all about passing on the love of books to those who need it and your kindness is always appreciated.

Where are our Free Libraries now?

One can be found at Croos, a lovely coffee shop in Noord, while our second free library is staying over at Green Delight. Go visit them, so our libraries don’t get too lonely and let us know what amazing books you found!

Our free library looks like this:



  1. Ik zie Paaz! <3 Ik zou bijna de trein pakken om even langs te wippen ^^ Heb nog wel een aantal boeken om te ruilen

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