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We know how hard it can be to find new books. Sometimes you need to get a present for that person you might not know so well, or the book lover who already has everything. You have been walking around in a bookstore for hours now and still you don’t know what to buy. Maybe you’re even looking for a new book yourself, but you feel like you’ve already read all the good books.

in need of book advice

Our book advice service is here to help you!

Our website is of course filled with book recommendations of all kinds. Take a look at these:

Summer/Winter Reading Recommendations
Boring Book Recommendations
Book club picks and their further reading recommendations
New releases
– Best of 2014, 2015 & 2016 lists

Do you already know all the books?

In case you need something more personal or hardcore, you can use our book advice service. With this, we’ll send you 2 book recommendations per your request, to help you figure out what new novel to buy for your best friend/lover/most hated enemy/yourself. All we need is a minimum of 2 books that the person you’re shopping for likes, a short introduction of said person and 3 days to do some research. We will find you some recommendations to the best of our abilities, and as our abilities are pretty amazing, we guarantee that you will be happy.*

This is a pay-as-you-like-service, as we just like talking about books, so any type of donation you’d be willing to give is welcome. You might also want to order the books through the links on our website as well, as we have a partnership with and Bookdepository for book sales.

Now go on and send your request to and wait for the magic to happen!

*We definitely don’t guarantee 100% satisfaction. But we promise we’ll try to do our best!

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