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21 authors on whether Ulysses is good or bad. With bonus article: The best one-star reviews of the novel on Amazon right now.

10 great literary works about TV.

A look at the legacy of Ursula K. Le Guin.

Ali Smith shares her love for Muriel Sparks.

What’s the state of romance fiction in 2018?

How the Great British Bake Off will help you become a better writer.

Will Self recommends books that show that Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Here’s a first look at the I Kill Giants adaptation.

A short story by Jeffrey Eugenides called Bronze.

Elisa Gabbert on what makes a good book review.

10 offbeat detective stories.

Some great ideas for literary mashups.

A look through all the covers of Virginia Woolf.

This exhibition of fantasy novel maps is great.

Is Instagram boosting poetry sales?

Literary fiction titles imagined as sci-fi novels.

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