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Bryan Fuller is working on an Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles adaptation.

7 books depicting magical worlds chosen by Nick Harkaway.

Books on immortality that will teach you what it’s like to be human.

The best conspiracy theories in literature.

Amy Bloom on 7 books by women we shouldn’t forget.

Got questions about The Goldfinch adaptation? See if they’re answered here.

The best bookstore cats in the US.

Trash collectors in Turkey build their own free library.

Iconic Brooklyn books.

Female writers dominated the 2017 UK Publishing charts.

A Harry Potter First Edition was stolen in Norfolk.

Some great rules to take control of your TBR pile.

Some exercises catered to people who watch Harry Potter marathons.

Margaret Atwood wrote an insightful essay on being a bad feminist.

50 years ago, the bestselling YA novel was written by an actual YA.

Harper Collins will start putting audiobooks on vinyl.


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