Here are some of the most exciting (and hopefully good) books of January 2018. Add your own oooh shinies to our Goodreads list and let us know in the comments which book you look forward to reading the most!


The Cruel Prince
Holly Black

Two human sisters are kidnapped by a Faery court, where one sister falls in love with the cruel prince and the other has to do everything she can to save them both.


The Monk of Mokha
Dave Eggers

A Yemen-born New York travels back to his home country to learn about the Yemeni tradition of making coffee. While he’s there, the civil war of 2015 breaks out and the man gets stuck in a war-torn country.


Batman: Nightwalker
Marie Lu

YA writer takes on teenage Batman, turning Bruce Wayne into an eighteen-year-old boy who needs to do community service at Arkham Asylum, where he meets the brilliant and dangerous Nightwalker Madeleine.


The Largesse of the Sea Maiden
Denis Johnson

Johnson’s last collection of short stories about middle-aged life and the unexpected mysteries of life.


Beneath the Sugar Sky
Seanan McGuire

The third novella in the Wayward Children series where Rini is born against all odd and takes it upon herself to save a magicless world and to save her already deceased mother.


Amy Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Indiana Jones in space, where two smugglers try to find their way to the human’s original home planet called Gaia to decode the ancient secrets that could save humankind.


Feel Free
Zadie Smith

Essays by Zadie Smith based around five different subjects – In the World, In the Audience, In the Gallery, On the Bookshelf, and Feel Free.


The Hazel Wood
Melissa Albert

When Alice’s famous grandmother dies, she and her mother visit her house at The Hazel Wood. Then her mother gets kidnapped by a creature who claims to come from the Hinterlands, the world her grandmother had written about.


Neon in Daylight
Hermione Hoby

It’s the sweltering summer of 2012, right before hurricane Sandy hits. Kate just moved to New York from England and is tasked with two responsibilities, skyping with her miserable boyfriends back home and cat-sitting Joni Mitchell.


The Immortalists
Chloe Benjamin

Four siblings visit a fortune teller and learn the date of their deaths. Spanning five decades, we follow the siblings and their different ways of dealing with this information.


Before I Let Go
Marieke Nijkamp

A young girl dies in a small town in Alaska. When her best friend returns to her hometown, she’s treated like a stranger and she starts to find out that something’s off about her death.


Meet Cute
Jennifer L. Armentrout

A YA anthology about Meet Cute’s by authors such as Nina LaCour, Meredith Russo, and Kass Morgan.


The Sky is Yours
Chandler Klang Smith

A sprawling, genre-defying epic set in a dystopian metropolis plagued by dragons, this debut about what it’s like to be young in a very old world is pure storytelling pleasure.


A State of Freedom
Neel Mukherjee

Set in contemporary India, five characters find themselves in very different circumstances, all find the meaning of dislocation and the desire to get more out of life.


Reign of the Fallen
Sarah Glenn Marsh

In a world filled with Necromancers, Odessa works for the Kingdom, resurrecting nobles whenever they die. But the Dead have to remain shrouded, otherwise, they will turn into zombies. When someone starts doing this on purpose, the kingdom is thrown into disarray.


Red Clocks
Leni Zumas

Abortion in the US is banned and every embryo is granted full rights. Five different women navigate these new barriers alongside age-old questions surrounding motherhood, identity, and freedom.


Everything Here is Beautiful
Mira T. Lee

Two sisters deal with their mother’s death. Then one of the sisters starts to hear voices and their sisterly bond is being put to the test.


Great Alone
Kristin Hannah

Alaska, 1974.
And for a family in crisis, the ultimate test of the human spirit.


Our Lady of the Prairie
Thisbe Nissen

A sharp and bitingly funny novel about a professor whose calm-ish midwestern life gives way to a vortex of crises—and her attempts to salvage the pieces without going to pieces herself.


The Afterlives
Thomas Pierce

Jim Byrd has died and together with her new wife, they navigate their way through the afterlife filled with holograms, psychics, messages from the beyond and a machine that connects the living to the dead.


This Could Hurt
Jillian Medoff

The new workplace novel that captures the emotional complexities of five HR colleagues trying to balance ambition, hope, and fear as their small company is buffeted by economic forces that threaten to upend them.


The Infinite Future
Tim Wirkus

An obsessive librarian, a down-at-heel author, and a disgraced historian who go on the hunt for a mystical, life-changing book–and find it. The first part of the novel is their story, the second part the life-changing book.


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