How To Stop Time is about a man named Tom Hazard, who looks like he is 40 but in reality, he’s 480 years old. Tom has a special gift, he doesn’t age. Throughout the book, Tom goes through a lot of different adventures, from trying to find his daughter who also has his gift, to questioning the status quo of the secret society he’s part of.

The book begins in the old Salem times when Tom was just a young boy and starts learning about his “gift”. The writing goes through many different eras, showing Tom’s life in 1789 to 1886 and 2015. The shifting between these different time periods and following Tom’s story along the way makes this book the masterpiece it really is. I found the writing absolutely incredible.

Tom isn’t very happy with his gift. The only reason he keeps on living is so he can find his daughter. In the beginning, the book doesn’t focus too much on the secret society Tom’s a part of. This society is made out of people who have the same gift he has. But towards the end of the book, we learn more about this special group called ‘The Albatross Society’. The founder of the society makes the members do horrible tasks every eight years just so they can stay protected. Tom doesn’t want to partake in these tasks but is forced to because he wants to get to his daughter. Of course, then something special comes along, flipping the plot of the book around and giving Tom a new chance at love after having been alone for 300 years.

I especially found the secret society of How To Stop Time very compelling. The world Matt Haigh built was so interesting and I wish I could read even more about it.

The book is a fun and easy read and I especially enjoyed the mentioning of famous people like Zelda Fitzgerald and Michael Jackson. The book covers so much of history, from the first hot dog ever made to the start of Facebook. He truly captures the essence of time and the hardships living through it.

I cant wait to read his other books.

Written by Kubra Yerlikaya


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