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What books are stolen most often from Indie bookshops?

Interested in indie publishers? Then the Republic of Consciousness Longlist is something for you.

More 2018 books to get excited about.

Instead of coming-of-age, these are books about growing old.

Are these the 19 best sentences of 2017?

A book for every month of 2017.

New Yorker‘s most read stories of the year. And if you’ve missed all the drama surrounding Cat Person – one of the stories on the list – Vox will explain it all to you.

10 books about technology running amok.

Ready Player One is not just getting adapted into a movie, it’s also getting a sequel.

Thoughts on new books by dead authors.

These literary authors have celebrity döppelgangers and it’s almost scary how much they look alike.

Chuck Palahniuk on author photo’s and why they are necessarily awful.

This Harry Potter chapter written by a bot is hilarious and on point.

A limited hand-written edition of The Great Gatsby will only set you back $250 this Christmas.

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