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33 sentences only people in book clubs get. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now because I’ve used almost all of these.

VIDA has something to say about the state of publishing in 2017.

The Millions started with their Year in Reading series.

Publishers share the stories behind their sleeper hits.

Where to start with American Gothic literature.

Why so many adults read YA novels.

Some compelling books by comic book writers.

John Hodgeman shares what he’s reading.

An exciting new wave of Nigerian Fiction.

10 novels that break all the rules.

The Rumpus shares their favorite books to gift over the holidays.

The NY Times picked the ten best books of the year. Which of your favorites did they miss?

NYT also made a list of 100 notable books and LitHub thinks they missed a bunch.

And an indie press gift guide for all those readers who’ve already seen it all.

Buzzfeed continues their series of short stories with Manuel Gonzales.

Who are the new ‘bad girls’ of literature?

11 writers on how they organize their book collection.

Always fun! The worst sex scene in literature of 2017.

Awesome adaptations we can’t wait to see in 2018.

The weirdest naps in literature.

Emma Cline’s ex-boyfriend is accusing her of plagiary.

We’re done with 2017. Let’s see what awesome books 2018 will bring us!

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