All the book news you need to know on a need-to-know basis.

A critical look at Taylor Swift‘s poetry.

Ten books that shaped the world.

Fan of Octavia Butler? Try these books as well.

Dystopian novels about women and by women.

The winners of the National Book Award for 2017.

Creepy short fiction by four awesome writers.

Two great women in conversation: Margaret Atwood interviewing Louise Erdich.

A short story by Heather O’Neill called The Ice Storm.

Overlooked classic novels find life in new editions.

Catherine Lacey of writing for yourself.

The most hated poet on the internet.

Garth Risk Hallberg on updating his first novella.

The young Japanese writer we should all be reading.

YA novels of 2017 that you might have missed.

If you really don’t know what to read anymore, then pick one based on your favorite Lush product.

Some of the best fictional cities you want to live in.

So much news on the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

George Clooney will star and direct Catch-22.

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