All the book news you need to know on a need-to-know basis.

Dave Eggers draws pictures of animals.

10 books for the essential Los Angeles vibe.

Largehearted Boy is started with the best best of 2017 lists.

Short fiction by Jeff vanderMeer.

Some lesser known works by famous authors.

Lithub interviewed Jesmyn Ward, National Book Award finalist.

In the category very specific lists: Argentinian speculative fiction.

The first woman to translate The Oddysey into English.

Scary little girls in literature.

The importance of umbrellas in stories.

Some beers inspired by books.

Watch a short film online based on a Ken Liu short story.

Kazuo Ishiguro – Nobel prize winner – shares writing advice.

Zadie Smith wrote about New York.

10 novels literary agents have seen a hundred times.

On reblogging quotes from books you haven’t read.

The biggest WTF moments in classic literature.

Science fiction books that completely changed the genre.

Book boxes based on your Myer Briggs type, just in case you still have trouble picking.

This company took out an ad with a glaring typo in a literary magazine.

Soon we’ll all be playing Harry Potter Go.

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