All the book news you need to know on a need-to-know basis.

Another YA drama and should Kirkus do away with anonymous reviews.

The evolution of aliens in literature.

Philip Pullman talks to Lithub about his new novel The Book of Dust.

George Saunders on winning the Man Booker Prize.

Jennifer Egan on doing historical research.

The best and craziest imaginary drugs from literature.

Graphic novels for people who like literary fiction.

5 books Ray Bradbury thought you should read.

Scary books for people who don’t like to be scared.

These are the masters of body horror.

40 of the creepiest covers of all time.

Some books you probably missed in September.

Charlie Jane Anders is working on a YA trilogy.

Emma Cline on gendered violence.

A poet who was the Writer in Residence for Mall of America.

This Paris hotel has a room service for books.

Do you want to read Japanese Horror? This is where you start.

Is teen suicide the new dystopia in YA?

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