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An immersive science fiction story, the size of a building.

The New York Times delves into what banned books have in common.

Earlier we shared that a new Vonnegut story was found and now you can read it!

The best new released poetry books.

Jennifer Egan shares what books she’s reading.

A primer to reading James McBride’s work.

13 literary takes on the lives of animals.

Robin Sloan discusses his new novel Sourdough with Barnes & Noble.

The annual 5 under 35 have been picked again and this year they’re all women.

10 of the best stories published in Playboy.

Why writers should move to Toronto.

An essay on why novels by POC authors are typically read as autofiction.

Read your way through Italy, from Rome to Venice.

A look at Philip K. Dick adaptations.

There’s a trailer for Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation.

Read Blueprints for St. Louis, a new short story by Ben Marcus.

9 pieces of life advice for creatives. Pair it with this essay about leading a creative life, any way you can.

What to read when you want to write like a mother.

These ridiculously overdue library books will make your late fees seem like nothing.

The Writing Spaces project shares the workspaces of your favorite modern authors.

5 weird lawsuits about books.

Books about surreal offices. We actually reviewed two of these on our site as well. I guess we have a type.

Idris Elba reads erotic fan fiction about himself.

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