Before our summer break, we read Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. We’d read This Savage Song a year ago and we all loved it so much that reading the sequel with the book club was a no-brainer. Again, we were pretty positive about the final book in the series. Some were a little upset with ‘that romantic moment’ and we definitely agreed that Kate’s new friends didn’t get enough time to really develop, but overall we loved it!

We’ll do our best to recommend two books you might also want to try, but be sure to check out our recommendations for This Savage Song as well! All the way at the end we’ll leave some discussion questions at the end just in case you’re doing research for your own book club.


The Female of the Species

Mindy McGinnis

Strong female characters and a look into what non-fantasy monsters are like.

Alex Craft knows how to kill someone. And she doesn’t feel bad about it. When her older sister, Anna, was murdered three years ago and the killer walked free, Alex uncaged the language she knows best. The language of violence.

While her crime goes unpunished, Alex knows she can’t be trusted among other people, even in her small hometown. She relegates herself to the shadows, a girl who goes unseen in plain sight, unremarkable in the high school hallways.

But Jack Fisher sees her. He’s the guy all other guys want to be: the star athlete gunning for valedictorian with the prom queen on his arm. Guilt over the role he played the night Anna’s body was discovered hasn’t let him forget Alex over the years, and now her green eyes amid a constellation of freckles have his attention. He doesn’t want to only see Alex Craft; he wants to know her.

So does Peekay, the preacher’s kid, a girl whose identity is entangled with her dad’s job, though that does not stop her from knowing the taste of beer or missing the touch of her ex-boyfriend. When Peekay and Alex start working together at the animal shelter, a friendship forms and Alex’s protective nature extends to more than just the dogs and cats they care for.

Circumstances bring Alex, Jack, and Peekay together as their senior year unfolds. While partying one night, Alex’s darker nature breaks out, setting the teens on a collision course that will change their lives forever.


Night Watch

Sergei Lukyanenko

A big battle between two sides where the city and the humans are nothing but bystanders.

They are the “Others,” an ancient race of supernatural beings—magicians, shape-shifters, vampires, and healers—who live among us. Human born, they must choose a side to swear allegiance to—the Dark or the Light—when they come of age.

For a millennium, these opponents have coexisted in an uneasy peace, enforced by defenders like the Night Watch, forces of the Light who guard against the Dark. But prophecy decrees that one supreme “Other” will arise to spark a cataclysmic war.

Anton Gorodetsky, an untested mid-level Light magician with the Night Watch, discovers a cursed young woman—an Other of tremendous potential unallied with either side—who can shift the balance of power. With the battle lines between Light and Dark drawn, the magician must move carefully, for one wrong step could mean the beginning of annihilation.

Discussion Questions

  • Our Dark Duet introduces a new kind of monster, The Chaos Eater. Its origin story is never made clear, so how do you think he was created?
  • Different cities appear to have different monsters. What monster would appear in your city?
  • What did you think of the little bit of romance? Did this add or subtract to the story for you?
  • Discuss how the story might go on after the somewhat open ending.

Order the books here:

Our Dark Duet
The Female of the Species
Night Watch


Boeken algemeenOur Dark Duet
The Female of the Species
Night Watch


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