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Lots of conning news in the YA world. One YA author got himself nominated for the PEN Literary award through many dubious claims and another YA author bought her way to the NYT bestseller list.

Of the many Sherlock Holmes stories, these are the seven you must read.

Amber Sparks interviews Jac Jemc about if the story or the haunted house came first.

Here are five books about anarchy.

Why parties are perfect literary devices.

Roxane Gay interviews Lindsay Hunter about her new hit novel Eat Only When You’re Hungry.

Fall Preview by Buzzfeed! We can’t wait for so many of these.

Nicole Kraus is coming to Rotterdam on the 30th of August. Read this interview to get excited!

Lithub created an existential reading list for your end times crisis.

Tom Perrotta shares his ten favorite books.

An app that adds sound effects to the stories you’re reading to your kids.

Some of the worst marriages in literature.

NPR’s 100 favorite graphic novels and comics.

Netflix will release two literary documentaries.

This high-school lit mag will make you wish you were back in school.

A beginner’s guide to steampunk.

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