Right before summer break, our book club read The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli, a book about a man who auctions off everything, including his own teeth. Our opinions on this book were really divided. Some really hated it, while the other part appreciated the experimental part of the book. Either way, we’re recommending some other books you might want to try and of course, we’ll share some of our discussion questions at the end!

Reading recommendations for The Story of My Teeth


Valeria Luiselli’s newest book isn’t fiction, but definitely very interesting as well. In Tell Me How it Ends, Luiselli structures conversations with undocumented Latin-American children around the same forty questions. The book is based on an earlier essay and shows to humanize these young immigrants and the racism they deal with back home and in their new country.


While working on The Story of My Teeth, Valeria Luiselli cites Danil Kharms as a major influence on her specific style in the book. Incidences is a collection of very short stories that the author himself called ‘incidents’. They show the surrealist spirit of the times in a humorous and also cynical matter.


In Significant Objects, 100 writers were asked to write a story about a second-hand object. The objects were sold for 128 dollars, but when they were auctioned off, together with the stories, some were sold for over ten thousand dollars. A psychological experiment that shows the power of storytelling.

Discussion Questions

  • The novel is written in collaboration with factory workers. Do you think the novel represents the kind of book they would want to read?
  • The translator added a chronology to the end of the novel. What did you think of the visibility of the translator and how does this affect your reading of the novel?
  • Was the last chapter of the book too explainy?
  • Discuss if Highway auctioned off his own life as well.

See anything you like? Order them here!

Tell me How it Ends
Significant Objects

Boeken algemeen

Tell me How it Ends



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