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Put your Latin skills to use and help this library translate a spellbook.

Iceland’s crime fiction scene is burgeoning.

Tony Tulathimutte gives snippy advice on how to find an agent.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn picks the best books of 2017 so far.

Some famous writers about how to be a writer on social media.

Matt Johnson lost 100 pages of his novel in a tech glitch.

11 really short stories you can read immediately.

This Chinese library is shaped as an infinite tunnel of books.

The adaptation of Nimona has a release date so it’s actually happening.

What happens if you turn in your debut novel 13 years late.

Lincoln Mitchell and Alissa Nutting talk about sex dolls over at Vice.

The Millions Most Anticipated for the final half of 2017 is here.

Get the scoop on Zadie Smith‘s new novel, which will be historical fiction.

What to read when you want to understand corrupt families.

9 books to read if you’re in love with tv show Glow.

Authors of beach reads on what the term beach read actually means.

Are these the worst weddings in literature?

The first trailer of A Wrinkle in Time is pretty amazing.

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