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Broadly takes a critical look at the term beach read and the kind of books the term is ascribed to.

Julie Buntin And Gabe Habash live together and now also work together. The two young writers talk about their breakthrough novels.

Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) is working on a Watchmen TV adaptation.

11 novels about female artists.

Emma Cline shares her favorite California books.

Victor LaValle recommends five books that were important in his life.

Millennials are destroying everything, except for libraries.

Use your book club meeting for speed dating.

Ariel Levy talks about her memoir The Rules do not Apply.

The team behind Sherlock is writing a Dracula tv show.

John Green is releasing a new novel.

Buzzfeed talked to Angie Thomas – author of The Hate U Give – on why books need more diverse characters.

You want to drink a dothraquiris on the Iron Throne? Head over to this Game of Thrones bar.

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