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Emma Straub and Rainbow Rowell talked about representation in comics.

12 fictional bookstores we wish were real.

Barnes & Noble predicts that these books will be the future’s literary greats.

A reader’s guide to Margaret Atwood’s work.

Vice recommends some dystopian fiction now that The Leftovers is gone.

An interview with Arundhati Roy about her new novel. If you live in Rotterdam, definitely come and see her next week Friday!

Read an excerpt of Catherynne N. Valente’s The Refrigerator Monologues, a collection of short stories written from the perspectives of superheroes wives.

Historical fiction recommendations for the summer.

Salon interviewed five authors with new books out at once.

Eugene Lim discusses the classic influences on his novel Dear Cyborgs.

To Kill a Mockingbird is going to be a graphic novel.

Jami Attenberg on how her book tours cured her flight anxiety.

A literary guide on how to put yourself together again.

Gabe Habash on not writing an essay to support his novel.

Riders on the New York subway can read books for free.

The Power was awarded The Bailey’s Prize.

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