For our June pick we’re doing something we don’t often do. We decided to not have a poll this month, but we are picking the book ourselves.

It’s a little unorthodox for our book club, but last year we read This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab which everyone really enjoyed. During the book club, we talked about the sequel coming out this year and how we would all like to read and discuss that one as well. As you can tell, that’s what we’re doing here!

This means that for June we’re reading Our Dark Duet. It’s out at the start of June and Maritza has already ordered a bunch of paperbacks. We hope they’re in time for our book club Friday, so you can bring home your copy immediately.

However, for anyone who hasn’t read This Savage Song and does want to read Our Dark Duet, this means that you will need to read two books for next month. As said, everyone really liked it, so we hope you do as well. Also, we decided to already announce the book today. Anyone who’d like to read both can then start as soon as possible! Some of us might even join you in the re-read so we’re all up to scratch for the book club!

So what are these books about?

You can read Saskia’s review of This Savage Song here, but the series is about a world where monsters are actually real and bred out of violence. We follow Kate Harker and August Flynn, one a hunter of monsters and the other a monster. They get thrown together at school and try to keep an eye on each other. Then somehow they end up running for their lives together.

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Our Dark Duet Victoria Schwab


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