Our March book club pick was our first foray into foreign literature. We read the dystopian novel WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin and found it a very interesting read! It’s considered to be one of the first dystopias and it was intriguing to see where books like Brave New World and 1984 came from. These are not books we’ll recommend here because they’re a bit on the nose. Instead, we’ll try to recommend some modern dystopia you might want to try! There will also be some discussion questions at the end in case you’re reading this book with your own book club!

Reading recommendations for WE


WE is often thought of as a satire as well as a dystopia. Our first recommendation is always a book written by the author himself and we decided to go with Islanders & The Fisher of Men because it’s a satire as well. Zamyatin satires England in this one, focusing on their idea of efficiency and proper planning.


The Power is a recent dystopia about a world where teenage girls suddenly gain immense physical power. They can cause agonizing pain and even death. And, with this small twist of nature, the world changes utterly.


The Book of Joan is a dystopian retelling of Joan of Arc. In the near future, the world had become a battleground due to many world wars. Evolution runs its course and humans have become sexless, hairless pale-white creatures floating in isolation, inscribing stories upon their skin. Then Jean de Man rises, appointing a child-warrior with a mysterious force called Joan as their martyr.

Discussion Questions

  • WE is written in the first person. Why do you think this is and how does it color the story?
  • What do the section titles contribute/mean?
  • How do you regard the ending? Is it positive or negative and what do you think will happen?

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