When I first heard about this book, I knew I had to read it…

This book is about Willowdean who is an unapologetic plus size girl. After the death of her aunt, she decides to join the Beauty pageant and our adventure begins there. Her weight has never been said in this book but obviously, everybody around her sees her as a plus size girl. She is a strong young girl that does not care about what you like or think about her.

To honor her aunt she decides to enter this pageant, which her former beauty contestant mother does not agree with. However, she meets a lot of different kind of girls who are inspired by Willowdean and want to take part in this pageant too.

Willowdean and her best friend Ellen are the biggest Dolly Parton fans, thanks to her aunt. If you are a fan of Dolly Parton you will enjoy this book so much more because it references her quite a lot. It was really sweet to see them ‘fangirl’ over her music.

But when Ellen chooses also to enter the pageant this cause a lot of tension between the two girls, On account of Willowdean believes that she should not enter this contest because “she wants to win it”. I was irritated about this fight between them. It made no sense whatsoever and is absolutely shallow. The whole fight should not have taken place, she does not have a monopoly on this pageant. Don’t get me wrong I adored Willowdean but sometimes she’s rude and treats people badly. Her being stubborn and not speaking to her friends causes a rift between them.

More and more they become estranged from each other, causing them to hid secret from one another. The biggest one being that Willowdean had a summer fling with a hot new boy.

Honestly, this plot line was not really needed. I did think both of the male love interests in this book weren’t needed at all. It was very confusing to know what boy to root for because ever chapter she would change her mind on who she liked.

There were more important subjects that took place in this book like how her mother would fat shame. Her relationship with her mother was really interesting because her mother has this big legacy of being a beauty queen and doesn’t want Willowdean to ruin it. Every chance Willowdean could get she would clash with her mom. I wish could have read more about their relationship and hope they work things out.

This is the first book I read by Julie Murphy and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of her work but I do not think it needed a second book. I hope we can resolve the issues that lay between mother and daughter

Written by Kubra Yerlikaya


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  1. I love the review , it is very good way to describe a book without being spoiled ❤️❤️Much love and goodluck in the future.❤️