Americanah was one of those book club picks that we all really enjoyed and still had so much to say about! Often when we all agree, we just sit there at the book club nodding at each other in harmony, but with good books like Americanah, there was plenty to talk about! Today we’ll recommend some other novels you might like to try as well and we’ll have some discussion questions at the end in case you’re talking about this book with your own book club.

Another recommendation by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie we’d like to make is The Thing Around Her Neck, a short story collection that spans all the topics Adichie has written about and might be her most personal work to date.

Adichie cites Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe as a book that had a big influence on her. The modern classic tells two stories that are intertwined, both centered around a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first story tells an ancient tale, while the other deals with modern issues.

Adichie talked about this book in 2013, mentioning Jowhor Ile in an interview and calling his novel spectacular. It took three years to catch on, but the novel And After Many Days was finally published in 2016. The book is about a bustling town in Nigeria where one family’s lives come to a sudden halt when a 17-year-old boy disappears.

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