Our previous book club pick was Someone Like You, a short story collection by Roald Dahl. These stories were filled with twists and while some – meaning me – found the twists a little tiresome, others enjoyed the stories. Even if you ignore all the twists, Roald Dahl is an interesting storyteller who will always have a place in our heart because of all his children’s books. Today we’ll be recommending further reading if you enjoyed Someone Like You.

We always start by recommending another book of the author. Now we all know Dahl’s children’s books, but not everyone knows that he also wrote a lot of stories for adults. To go full-on adult, we’re recommending Switch Bitch, another collection of short stories, this time about sexual depravity and the darker side of desire. All these stories were published in Playboy before, so you know you’re not getting something tame.

I only very recently learned about Saki, who is thought of as the predecessor of Dahl and another master of short stories. He writes of the macabre and the outrageous, but always to drive home a point. It’s also been said that a Saki revival is bound to happen, so maybe get on that bandwagon before everyone else does.

And for a final recommendation, we’re going with a modern master of the short story. It would be very easy for me to recommend Kelly Link, because I recommend her everywhere, so instead I decided to go for Aimee Bender’s Willful Creatures. Just like Dahl, she writes stories about the fantastical and surreal, but with an ending that’s a little friendlier.

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