All the book news you need to know, on a need-to-know basis.

On Ol’ Hallows Eve, someone is going to stay in Dracula’s Castle thanks to Airbnb and Bram Stoker’s nephew.

Read an excerpt from Jeff vanderMeer’s next novel Borne.

Did you also blow through the new season of Black Mirror? Here are some books you can read to fill the void.

Philip Roth shares 15 of his favorite novels.

Ghosts aren’t always scary, sometimes they’re just emotional. Let them be man.

Electric Literature interviewed Jonathan Lethem about his new novel and anarchist hamburger joints.

Buzzfeed made a collection of short stories for you to read with new tales by Rebecca Makkai, Alice Sola Kim, and Lindsay Hunter.

Have we reached peak ‘girl’? Emily St. John Mandell researches why girls are popping up in literary titles.

Giant flipbooks are awesome.

An Egyptian bookstore installed a scream room where you can scream off your frustrations.

Lithub interviewed Toni Morrison.

Tell me you don’t want these Harry Potter Moleskine notebooks. Or these HP wand make up brushes for that matter.

Here’s a guide to dealing with book events if you’re a new author.

Maris Kreizman picked really great short books that you can read right now.

This Roald Dahl children’s clothing line is too adorable.


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