Everyone loves a good summer read. I know I do. I love reading about teenagers going to foreign places, falling in love and all that jazz. Love and Gelato written by Jenna Evans Welch fulfills these needs.

Lina travels to Florence as per her mother’s dying wish, to get to know her father. She’s never met him, but now is her chance. Although initially reluctant, together with next-door neighbor Ren and armed with her mother’s diary she discovers Italy, gelato and the secrets of her past.

Although it starts of very heavy handed, it is a very cute and fluffy story about a young girl discovering her past. It’s very enticing and the story flies right by, but unfortunately it’s not really memorable. Lina is kind of irritating, the story is rife with coincidences and a lot of the drama seems very unnecessary.

However, the inclusion of the diary in the story was a stroke of genius. Hadley, the mother, was a very compelling character to me and really made me want to read more. Her personal story is what really drives the book.

So if you’re looking to do some arm chair travelling or if you’re feeling down and looking for some fluff, Love & Gelato is one of the books to read.

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