This December we’ll be hosting our 25th YA book club and we can’t let such an occasion go by without doing the ZOMBIE ROUND! With our other book club we did the same thing and it means that all the books that didn’t make the cut in our 25 book clubs are getting a second chance at reading. We’ve nominated a lot of books over the past 2 years, so whenever we had a massive poll, we decided to only put the top 3 in this list for zombying. Full disclosure, we also cut out our series megapoll, because we didn’t think reading an entire YA series in one month would be doable.

Instructions on voting are as follows: You can vote for two books in all 9 polls below, so you can cast 18 votes in total. The poll will be open until the 13th of October until 16:00. This is very short, so you got to make a quick decision on which books you want to keep. Feel free to campaign for the books of your choice in the comments or on social media. From nine polls below the two books with the most votes go on to the next round, which then will consist of 18 books. So this week we’re cutting the 46 options down by over half, so prepare to say goodbye to your loves ones.

Happy voting and if there are questions, let us know!

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