The internet is a great place for many reasons, but the creativity of the book world might be number one. Every time I browse on book related sights I see all these book lovers creating their own covers for their favorite books and I’m always amazed by how great these look. I thought I’d share some of the best alternate covers with you, so you can look at your own closet with cover envy! And I want to promise you guys that I did my darndest to get all the right credits for this artwork. If I’m wrong anyway, please let me know so I can change it.


It’s no secret that I love The Grisha Trilogy and I actually really like the original cover design, but this lined drawing of a stag is just so good as well! Thank god that Ellaquine made a whole series of them, made as posters and you can buy them right here.


Levente Szabó did a project where many classics got an amazing redesigned cover. It was hard to choose just one, but this evocative Lolita cover has to do the trick.


The Hunger Games is one of those series that have spawned many alternate book covers as well. Some are very intricate, but I actually really like these simple black-red-white covers. They give the series a very mysterious feel to it I think. These are made by Protovenus.


Re:design did a series of Valentine covers, all based around the heart. This Memoirs of a Geisha redesign is striking in its simplicity and uses the heart SO well.


I was not a fan of the cover for Lair of Dreams, so anything would have made me happy, but this vintage cover design by Rhowens kind of wowed me. I wish that The Diviners was redone in it as well, even though I loved that original cover!


Just look at this Eleanor & Park cover. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of that book. Live So Quiet is a true champ at drawing those red curls.


Sophia Brown also did a great series of Steinbeck covers, but I just really like this A Brief History of Time one. It’s great for staring off into space, figuring out what the hell you’ve just read.


I implore you to browse Kolorgasm, no matter if you like this poster of Shatter Me, because there is so much goodness on that site. It’s filled with great alternative covers for books, but this one is especially striking.


Harry Potter might be the series with the most alternate cover designs, but my favorite remains these simple black covers made by Kinsco Nagy that frikkin’ glow in the dark! They even have some work done on the inside with very awesome pop-up illustrations. This is all anyone can dream of.


Risa Rodil makes many great things (of which you can buy most), but isn’t her cover of The Book Thief genius and very haunting at the same time?


Hanna redesigned all four John Green covers and don’t they just look great together? Shelves have never looked this good.

If I missed great alternate cover designs, then let me know in the comments and feel free to discuss which books you’d like to own the most!


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