All the book news you need to know, on a need-to-know basis.

Liz Kay discusses the term women’s fiction.

Michael Chabon shares images that inspired his newest novel.

Some great short story writing tips by Patrick Ryan.

New York Fashion Week gets literary with these bookish outfits.

These Japanese flipbooks are awesome.

10 books on the American Immigrant experience you might want to read after Behold the Dreamers.

A list of novels about freaky cults.

Sometimes judges get literary. This judge ordered a man to buy an underage prostitute feminist literature.

10 giant novels that do not make for great subway reading.

Lincoln Mitchell discusses why writing is a job even though the pay is often shit.

Bad decisions make for interesting novels.

What’s your patronus?

Marisa Silver, author of Little Nothing, shares some unconventional novels that inspired her.

Lev Grossman talks about the writing of his first novel and why it has been reprinted now.

Throne of Glass is coming to Hulu.

You can now buy an edition of Alice in Wonderland that includes illustrations by Salvador Dali.


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