“What’s the point of living if we don’t die at the end of it?”

What is this book about?

A father and son disagree about death when said father decides that he wants to be part of a cryogenics project called Zero K. He wants to die before his time and have his body frozen until a time where science has progressed enough to wake him up again.

Why is it boring?

Not all that much happens. A big part of the book takes place in a compound in an unnamed wasteland where Jeffrey roams around the halls, watching strange images projected on screens and being scared by naked mannequins. Besides that there’s a lot of philosophizing about death.

Who would you recommend it to?

This is my first DeLilo book, so I’m not sure if this is a recommendation for die hard fans of the author. However, if you like slow, concealed family drama’s and if you’ve been pondering the meaning of death, I’d recommend it to you.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?!

The writing is good. It’s slow and layered and even complicated, but it’s definitely good. I wasn’t entirely engaged with the story or the characters, but this book contains some beautiful lines that make you want to stop reading and just think over for a while. Zero K is maybe one of those books that warrants rereading, so you can just enjoy the language without the story getting in the way.

Rating: 3,5/5

Review Copy attained through Netgalley with special thanks to the publisher Penguin Books UK.

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