What is this book about?

Sam, the apprentice to the King’s wizard, best friends with a gay hornless unicorn and a half-giant named Tiggy has the hugest crush on the new Knight in the Kingdom, namely Sir Ryan Foxheart. A dream come true. Except that it all goes to hell when Ryan starts dating the horrible Prince Justin… who’s later kidnapped by a dragen… So that should have been that! But , the King decided to send him on a quest with the Prince’s fiance (RYAN!) to retrieve the heir to the throne. Falling more and more in love with a person, he can never have along the way. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Why is it boring?

If you’re against UST (unresolved sexual tension) or characters making huge asses of themselves then it’s not for you. It’s also not for you if you can’t handle banter, humor, or sexual innuendo. Oh, and it’s also an MM romance, and inter-species sex does come up… so, if you have any issues with that, you better stay away. But, for anyone else it’s going to be one hilarious, I-cannot-believe-I’m-reading-this ride that is going to hook you until you’re done.

Who would you recommend it to?

MM romance fans. People who like a good laugh. It might be a bit much for first timers to the genre, but the author makes the typical quest of adventure into such a joke that the whole “gay-thing” will quickly fade and just be another aspect of the book that makes it what it is.

Why should I read it if it’s boring?

This book had me hooked from the first page. Sam is such an adorably clueless character that pulls others around him into the most ridiculous situations, that you can’t even fault him for it. It’s just who he is. He might be considered a “special snowflake” but he’s just so endearing, along with his sidekicks (Gary – the hornless gay unicorn & Tiggy – the half giant) that you’ll have tears in your eyes. I laughed so much with this book, that saying that it brought me to tears is not overstating my condition.

There’s something for everyone. A grand adventure quest that could be considered a satire of every single quest anyone has ever been on, in the history of forever, because of its ridiculosity. A love story of both Sam and Ryan, with sexual innuendo all over the place as well as so much UST (that one could choke on) which is so obvious to every single person/species (because there are many)… except the two in question. A dragon that kidnaps the Prince, because he likes pretty things in his hoard, but later throws said Prince away for Gary who’s the most gorgeous thing that he has ever laid his eyes on (cue inter-species sex). This, of course, does not stop the dragon from hitting on Sam, because of course Sam is able to communicate with said dragon! And everyone close to him can understand by proximity to Sam. Gary, the hornless gay unicorn (because you can never get tired saying those words together) that brings snark, sarcasm, bitchiness, added ridiculousness, sexual innuendo and his own promiscuous nature into the mix. And if I remember correctly, he poops candy. Or were they cookies? Ryan, the stereotypical knight in shining armor. Except, he’s a parody of all knights as we see him stumble through his “courtship” with Sam. Then there’s Sam. Our special little snowflake. In love with the hottest knight in all the Kingdoms, the most powerful wizard to walk the earth, friends all over the place, the ability to confuse one’s opponent by engaging them in conversation, starting in one place and ending in another. Embarrassing. Idiotic. Wonderful. Hilarious.

Okay. Now I’m just throwing adjectives. But, it’s a really good book and TJ Klune did a wonderful job spinning such a humorous tale that’ll literally bring tears to your eyes.

Review written by Kudrat Kaur


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