In the past we’ve done a bookish haul for literary posters and one for literary candles, and today it’s time we tackled tea! We’ve collected some of the best literary inspired tea’s that are around, so your books will always be in good company.

First Edition Tea Co. has a great line of literary teas that come in designs that look good in every house. Their tea is based on famous novels like Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and the likes. We would love to try their Sherlock Holmes blend which has a hint of pipe smoke, which is perfect for getting lost in your mind palace, according to their website.

To me, Novel Teas just gets point for having the best name. And the puns don’t stop there. Their teas are all takes on novels, such as War and Peach, Crime & PunishMint and Oliver Orange Twist. Their newest Matcha Do About Nothing also sounds very intriguing and the best thing is that these witty leaves come in tins that look like books.

William Shakespeare Tea

Literary Tea Co. focuses solely on teas that are based on an author’s aesthetic. Here you’ll find Austen teas, Shakespeare teas and Woolf teas, but they also allow you to come up with your own. So go nuts and make a tea for your favorite author or one that suits your own writing style.

Another great looking tea was designed by Flora Chan for Prologue Tea. Their teas are inspired by great literary novels such as Lolita, The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick. And to be honest, with packaging this pretty, we don’t even care if the tea is any good.


And of course, how can we talk about tea and books and not mention Muse Monthly. They curate book subscription boxes in which they pair a great new novel with a special tea that perfectly compliments the book. Last box included the novel Homegoing with Kenyan Black Tea and it looks like these two were made for each other.

Are we missing your favorite literary tea? Leave it in the comments and let us know if you tried one of these!


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