Somehow I’ve been on a time travel bend lately, having read Thousand Pieces of You, Into the Dim and now The Love That Split the Earth. All of these are books that involve time travel in one way or another and they are all full-blown romances. I’ve never been a big fan of YA romance novels – unless they are written by Rainbow Rowell – and I’m sorry to say that A Thousand Pieces of You and Into the Dim didn’t really do it for me either. The Love that Split the Earth is very enjoyable still though, but let’s see what I think when it’s finished.

But just because these time travel romances aren’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean they can’t be yours! So we’re making you a little reading recommendation that will help you find your perfect YA time travel novel to read this summer.

25897792If you’d like to travel to the 12th century with Nikola Tesla’s inventions and meet the great Eleanor of Aquitaine… then read Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor. The description Outlander for teens is pretty good for this historical romance. There’s a lot of time-specific details in this book, so think pretty dresses, important historical events and lots of looooove.

17234658If you’d like to travel to multiple dimensions, see the future and meet the Romanovs by way of a pretty necklace… then read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. This one reads like a summer blockbuster movie. Marguerite’s parents are super-smart scientists who find a way to travel in time. Of course an evil corporation wants to get their hands on this tech and Marguerite needs to flee through different dimensions and times to get to it first.

25991081If you’d like to travel back in time to undo mistakes, fix your grief and want to puzzle over the science of wormholes… then read The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Ruper Hartgood. Gottie Oppenheimer (you see what the author did there) gets hurtled to last summer through a wormhole, to a time where she still had a boyfriend, a best friend and her grandfather. There she needs get insight into her past and figure out if this will also change her future.

18520642If you’d like to travel back to that one summer where everything was perfect and you’d wished it would last forever… then read Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer. Two years ago, four friends spent the most amazing time at summer camp together. They’d swore to always stay friends, to stay in touch no matter what, but being apart has changed them. By way of a magical photo booth the four girls are whisked away again to that summer they’d spent together to unravel the mystery of why their friendship fell apart.

23277959If you’d like to travel to the roaring twenties to meet the love of your life, only to find that you are separated by time… then read Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins. A rich girl is forced to spend her summer in a shore town. Here she comes upon a dreamy boy that claims it’s the year 1925 and that the beach she’s walking on is his. They fall in love, but when she finds out there’s danger coming to 1925, they have to try and change history.

18108877If you’d like to travel back to the 19th century and delve into the idea of what happens to you when someone kills your ancestor… then read Timebound by Rysa Walker. Kate receives a time-travelling medallion from her grandmother and thinks it’s all hokum until a murder in the past uproots her entire existence in the present. Kate travels back to try and stop said murder, but isn’t prepared for the consequences this will have in the future.

8835379If you’d like to travel to the 18th century and discover family secrets when these families have the ability to time travel… then read Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. This series is all about two families who know about time travel but of which only some are born with the time travel gene. Against all odds Gwyneth finds out she has the ability and travels to 18th century London. Here she meets a handsome boy from another time travel family and together they have to find out who’s on their side and why Gwyneth’s mother kept her ability a secret.

20983362If you’d like to travel on the 18th century ocean with time travelling pirates… then read Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. Etta gets whisked away onto a boat and back in time of the eve of an important violin recital to learn that she’s the prodigy of one of the four remaining time travel families. Time travel is dangerous business – see only four families left – but luckily she isn’t alone. Together with Nicholas, a freed slave from the late 1700’s they start their search for a stolen object of immense value, to make sure it doesn’t into the hands of the bad guy.

23266378If you’d like to travel throughout centuries because you believe love transcends time… then read The Next Together by Lauren James. A heavy romance about Katherine and Matthew who are destined to be together, but to also get torn apart tragically, century after century. The novel spans over four time periods during which the couple has to figure out why they keep coming back and if their next time can end differently.

21979832If you’d like to travel the 19th century Hawaii to help you father find your mother, which could erase your entire existence… then read The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. Nix travels with her father to any time and place they want to, real or imagined, as long as they have a map. But there’s one map they can’t find, which is the one leading to Nix’s mother and she’s not sure she even wants it, because finding her mother might mean the end of her own existence.


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