Are you one of those people who lives with their phone, goes to sleep still staring at that screen and even uses it for reading and writing? Well, then you will love our collaboration with Sweek! It’s a new app for reading and writing of all kinds. This month we’ll be hosting two competitions to celebrate the launch of the app, but Sweek wrote a guest post for us so you can get to know who they are and what they do. More on the competitions soon, but first go check out Sweek! You will find us there @boredtodeathbookclub.

One might think that people read less nowadays, but we believe that the new generation reads in a different way – on a mobile screen. We have access to the internet on pocket-sized devices which have more computing power and pixels than we could previously imagine. We have numerous options for sharing our thoughts and ideas with the world with just with one click. Most of the content we consume is becoming social and mobile.

screenshots_04-Story-dashboardOne reason people are reading more on their phones is convenience. If you’re queuing somewhere or commuting, you may not have a printed book or an e-reader on you. However, the chances that you are carrying a smartphone are rather high. In fact, by 2017 there will be 2.5 billion smartphone users. Another reason people are switching to reading on their phones is the size and clarity of new models, which make reading much easier and comfortable. Just like with TV series, we also tend to read shorter stories or ‘bits’ of bigger stories: the attention span of people is getting shorter in the world of constant distractions. Sweek embodies these new ways of reading and writing and brings reading and writing to your smartphone.

In short, Sweek is an open platform to read, write and share stories. All over the world. In an instant. For free. We want to provide writers with the opportunity to write their story, chapter by chapter, reach out to their audiences and get noticed. Our readers can always find new famous authors and upcoming writers to explore, interact with them and follow their favorite stories on Sweek.

screenshots_01-ExploreWe want to minimize the distance between the author and the reader. Readers can follow and like stories, and share them via social media channels. They can also give direct feedback to the author. Compared to the current situation, in which reading is a solitary activity and the author doesn’t know who his readers are, this changes the nature of reading and writing. We believe that communication and creating your own reading community are at the heart of the modern writing process.

We see Sweek also as a marketing tool for both top and aspiring authors. By sharing exciting content on Sweek, authors create a loyal fan base, including digital natives. This fan base is best used when the new book is traditionally published, by for instance putting the first chapter(s) on Sweek and including a link to buy it. Entering the world of mobile publishing – the author reaches a new – inaccessible earlier – audience and thus stimulates book sales.

Sweek is available as an Android app, web version and an iOS app (coming July 2016), and at its launch will contain over 30.000 published stories and books in various languages.

We’re happy to launch writing competitions with Bored to Death book club, and can’t wait to welcome your stories on Sweek.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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