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12 things you’ll notice after reading all the short stories published in 1 year.

Why do we stay so enamored with the Brönte sisters?

Jonathan Franzen was on Jeopardy.

Is the word Kafkaesque overused?

Bill Gates recommends books that should go on your summer reading list. And Buzzfeed does the same.

Audible now gives 2 free books for every new member.

New fiction by Lauren Groff. The NYT now includes a ‘read by the author’ option so you can listen to it as well.

25 books with fascinating female friendships.

Goodreads will now alert you about ebook deals.

A look at recent book adaptations and why Pride & Prejudice does still make sense, but Jane Eyre doesn’t.

Dan Brown is going to release a YA version of his novel The Da Vinci Code, but no one knows why.

And some of the best interviews of the last week

A rare interview with Elena Ferrante
To gather oneself, so to speak, was physically impossible. One learned very early to have the greatest concentration amid the greatest disruption.

I love Salon’s multiple author interviews. This time they talked to Curtis Sittenfeld, Geoff Dyer, Allison Amend, Anton DiSclafani and Paula Whyman.
I find dialogue easy to write. Plawt, not so much. I can’t even spell it. The spying section of Enchanted Islands brought me to tears several times.

Rivka Galchen new book Little Labors came out just last week and she had a conversation about it with Electric Literature.
And like you suggest, I don’t think it’s difficult to imagine that a young woman—me, I guess—might instinctively try to keep a distance from what has been categorized as feminine, Even as keeping a distance is just as flawed a strategy for being feminine as following the presented path for being feminine.

Kelly Link on writing a debut novel
I didn’t feel any particular pressure to write a novel because I wanted with all of my heart to write short stories. I want to write short stories even when I don’t like writing them. I don’t actually like writing.


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