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Sara Benincasa gives creative advice in Real Artists Have Day Jobs.
The same is true for artists. If you love painting and you spend most of your time as an HR rep, whether you hate or love your day job doesn’t matter. If you do the painting on the side, it’s not on the side. You are a painter, that is what you are, and you can feel free to describe yourself as an HR rep on the side, or you can be both.

Maggie Stiefvater talks about what she’s going to not miss about The Raven Cycle.
Really, any question that asks me to reveal major emotional beats of the next book makes me dress in black and put on a lot of eyeliner and stare resentfully and silently into the middle distance. I put a lot of thought into the emotional tension and when readers ask me to skip right to the answer without waiting for the context, it feels incredibly cheaty.

Louise Eldrich’s By The Book
I was a ravenous library mouse. We have a stately public library in Wahpeton, still standing serenely on its great green lawn, endowed by good citizens. I read everything. The library fed me.

Rebecca Schiff’s newest collection The Bed Moved just came out and she talked to Electric Literature about favorite first lines.
Off the top of my head, there’s Leonard Michaels’s “In the fifties, I learned to drive a car.” The story’s called “In the Fifties.” It’s kind of like a list story, a non-traditional story. It’s such a specific first line, and then it allows the story to grow from there.

Choking Victim is a new short story by Alexandra Kleeman. You can even listen to her read it.
When she was younger she could be alone for weeks and never realize that it was time to miss another person, time to call another person on the phone. Now she found herself missing anybody she could think of.

Amelia Gray writes about going to the dentist.

Andy Weir shares some details on his new novel!
I don’t take part in any political debates. So I’m certainly not trying to make a point by having a female lead. She’s just a character I came up with that I thought was cool, so she’s the lead.


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