We often get questions about joining our book club, so we thought it might be easy to write a simple post about them with some extra information all in one handy spot. You are of course still more than welcome to email us with questions, but we thought this might make the hurdle to actually come and join us just a little smaller. Now onto the questions! If there’s any info you’re missing that you’d like to see here, just let us know in the comments!

Who are you?
We are Bored to Death book club, an English book club based in Rotterdam. We read books in English, discuss them in English, but are Dutch ourselves. More about who we are can be found here.

How can I join the book club?
You can sign up for our book clubs here! And if you’re the social media type, definitely also join our Facebook events.

Do I have to read the book, though?
We’re not going to force you to read the books, but it is more fun if you have, though. If you just want to see what the evening is like, but don’t want to commit to reading a book, that’s fine by us, but we do discuss spoilers, so beware.

I don’t speak Dutch, can I still join?
Yes! We’re an English book club and we will host the nights in English. We’ll sometimes throw in some Dutch, mostly to teach you weird Dutch words, but besides that, no other language besides English required.

I probably won’t be able to show up every month. Can I still come?
Yes! You can show up just once because we’re discussing your favorite book, or every month because you can’t get enough. We’re all busy sometimes and we totally get that you can’t commit to being there every month. We all need a holiday now and again.

Do I have to pay for the book club?
You don’t have to pay us, but you do have to buy the book yourself and pay for drinks. If you’re coming to the YA book club, you’re in luck, though, there we always get drinks and snacks from Donner. The downside to that is that we don’t serve nice beers at Donner, so make of that what you will.

What kind of people comes to the book clubs?
The best kind of people! We all love books and can’t stop talking about them. If you also like books, you’re probably awesome and you should come join us.

But I meant what age and also are you all Dutch?
Oh like that! Well, age-wise, most of us are in our twenties and thirties for the regular book club and teens and twenties for the YA book club. And many of us are Dutch, but there are plenty of expats and international students joining us as well.

Where do I buy the books?
Anywhere they sell books. We are of course partial to our local bookstores, but also to you buying the books online through our website. Then we get a tiny percent of the sale which helps us finance this whole thing.

What is the difference between the book club and the YA book club?
Really just the books we read. At the book club we read books considered ‘adult literature’ and at the YA book club, we read books labeled as YA.

I’m no longer a young adult, but I would still like to join the YA book club. Can I?
Yes! Many of us aren’t what you might consider young adults. The ages in the YA book club range from teens to forties, so anyone is welcome.

I want to start a (Bored to Death) book club in my own town, can I?
Maybe? How about you send us an email and we’ll see what magic we can make happen!


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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