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Esther Wang loves to read about white people having sex.
Because here’s the secret, the most seductive, complicated pleasure of all: I’m drawn to them because I don’t see myself in any of these stories about love and lust and desire, not in spite of it — because most romance novels are filled with white people falling in love and having sex with other white people. It may seem counter intuitive, but their overwhelming whiteness is one of the aspects I love most about them.

The Millions met with Yann Martel to discuss his new novel The High Mountains of Portugal, animal rights and Jesus.
It’s funny, that’s a question I would only get in England. It’s a wonderful question. I think our treatment of animals is deeply, deeply schizophrenic. So, on the one hand — and it’s even more schizophrenic in North America — you have people who will spend thousands and thousands of pounds on vet bills for their little puppy, and at the same time there’s industrial, mechanized slaughter of animals on a daily basis to feed our excessive fondness for meat. So, even in England, where animal husbandry is probably the best in the world, nonetheless the fact is they’re still brought in and slaughtered.

Diane Cook shares five things she’s into right now over at Granta.
Lena Dunham: Honestly, I wish she’d been around when I was younger. The day after I was diagnosed at age 39 with severe endometriosis, herLenny Letter published a whole issue devoted to the disease, nudging young women to know their bodies well and not take pain as the general rule of being a woman. Basically, everything I’d never done.

A. Igoni Barrett shares the book notes to his new novel Blackass.
The only music-related tidings I bear from this writer’s life is that I’m growing surer as I grow older that I will never find the courage to fulfil my fantasy of becoming a superstar singer. I have the talent. I do, I do, just ask the neighbours who have never once come banging on my door to complain of my bathroom singing. They are my tried-and-tested audience, those silent neighbours, my long-suffering fans

Otessa Moshfegh shared the backstory to Eileen and how she doesn’t get involved in any hypes.
I don’t read reviews. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. I try to avoid the internet. Nothing stops me writing. I have a sense of when to write and when not to based on what is happening in my own mind. I’m in the middle of a new novel and have just deleted 300 pages and know I am supposed to wait now. This next book makes Eileen look like a children’s tale.

Garth Greenwell surrendered to a 41-page paragraph on Catapult.
What Belongs to You

Electric Literature and Laura van den Berg share a short story by Mona Awad.
So one night, on a dead shift, my coworker Archibald casually tells me there are things he’s been picturing doing to me of late and when I say, “Like what?” he hands me a small scrap of paper with the word cunnilingus written on it in red ink.


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