Can your walls use some literary adornment? Is your office cubicle too boring or do you simply love spending money on pretty things? We deal with all of these problems ourselves, so we curated a great list of bookish posters for you to covet.

Obvious State is one of my favorite shops to look at on Etsy. They create beautiful black and white prints of amazing quotes and great illustrations. The only downside of their work is that I want to buy all of it but I can’t, so I’m still doubting which poster I need more.

Travel Poster - Oz (large - 18 x 24" or A2)

We had included cards by CedarMyna in our Boredom Box and got quite some compliments on these cute takes on travel posters. I love the one for the wonderful land of Oz, but they also have great posters for fans of Wonderland and Narnia.

And So It Goes has a range of cool non-literary posters (if you love Twin Peaks, you need these), but I’ve always been fond of the Salinger quotes in the style of the small pocket editions of his works. She also made a Game of Thrones print that will break your heart.

Image of Friendship and Bravery - 10x8 print

Nan Lawson is a pop-culture genius when it comes to posters. She draws movie and TV characters as well as real people and more importantly literary characters. She experiments with a lot of different styles and offers prints as well as limited editions. She recently did a new series of Harry Potter characters that are very cute.

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Poster 11 x 17 - Fantasy Fan Art Print

Sometimes the movie looks better than the book. Don’t hate me for saying it, but I loved the aesthetic of the Where The Wild Things Are adaptation and Wells Illustration captures it perfectly. I can include it because the movie was based on a book and because this is my damned list and I can do what I want.

If you need something from comics on your walls, these superhero city posters by Conception Studios are a great idea. Very minimalist art with cool details if you look for it.

Brontë Sisters set - Large, minimalist poster, literary poster, literature poster, illustration poster, printable wall art, digital download

Red Hill Printables has so many cool literary things that it’s hard to choose which one to show. Their Shakespeare range is dark but pretty, their minimalist covers will look great in any room, but their more elaborate literary posters might just take the cake.

If you enjoyed CedarMyna’s travel posters, you’ll also love Teacup Piranha. They have literary and movie travel destinations, but also created a great series of Game of Thrones house banners that will show where your loyalty lies.

These are just some of the bookish poster gems that are out there. Share what you have hanging on your wall or what you’d wish was hanging there in the comments.



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