One of the reasons I wanted to be in a book club, was that I wanted to read more diversely.

All of the books I used to read back then had covers and blurbs that contained all the turns and twists the author had come up with in a bad way. I used to love these kind of books, because I knew up front what sort of book it was going to be. Back then, I always read the last half page before I would buy it. One could say, I avoided surprises. And everyone knows that the minute you start avoiding surprises every book is sort of the same and there isn’t any faster way to get into a reading slump.

So, yes, I wanted to be surprised, I wanted to improve my English and I wanted to be able to talk about books a few hours a month with people that got me.

I got all that, and more. You see, as the book club picks were all really different from the books that I picked for myself before I joined the book club, I didn’t think I would enjoy all of them. I certainly didn’t, but almost always this was because I thought this book in particular was badly written, and that I still enjoyed other books from the young adult genre. Through young adult books I read more fantasy as well.

When I take a look at my current to-read pile there are two things that I notice. Firstly, that I’m still proud of myself for being able to hide it from my boyfriend for almost two years, in which he never came to know how much of a hoarder I am. Sadly, he certainly does know now and I have to come up with new and more clever ways to hide new stuff from him.

Secondly, I notice that the to-read pile I had two years ago and the to-read pile I have stacked next to my bed in the present, could have been to-read piles from two completely different people. I can hardly imagine the change it went through, that I went through. Every book in the pile is written in English, is either a young adult novel, a fantasy novel or something nonfiction, whereas the to-read pile I had two years ago contained only books that were written in Dutch, and fantasy and young adult were yet to be explored genres.

For now, I’m happy about the books I am interested in, although I think one should always say that – because why should you read books you don’t like? – but I think it’s pretty diverse. Above all, I’m still finding my way within the genres itself, and I love that I took the time to be amazed by all the cool stuff that is out there that I didn’t notice before. Also, I’m looking forward to the future. I already have two guinea pigs, so the step towards becoming a crazy guinea pig-lady who sows her own anti-peeing towels and only reads erotic fiction shouldn’t be too big.


Francisca is a YA book clubber looking to diversify her reading. She studied history, loves her guinea pigs and the size of her TBR pile will make you feel less bad about your own.

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