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Tanwi Nandini Islam is a first-time novelist, trying to find the art of the perfect book cover.
Bright LinesWould they listen to me?

Read an excerpt of Jim Krusoe’s new novel The Sleep Garden.
To begin: the Burrow is a low mound that rises out of the ground. It rests on what would be, if not for the Burrow itself, a vacant lot on the edge of town, though not the farthest edge. On one end of the lot, on the west side of the Burrow, and far enough away so there are no drainage problems, is a small pond. What kind of pond?

Samantha Hunt shares the playlist for her novel Mr. Splitfoot. Pare this with her article on the history of books that don’t exist.
What’s music to the dead? Maybe something like music to plants. Maybe the dead turn their non-bodies toward the sound, an audiosynthesis between their world and ours. Gillian Welch’s song, “I Dream a Highway” is long and lovely and like the opposite of a speeding locomotive, the slower it gets the harder it is to breathe.

Did you know Bill Gates writes book reviews? He talks to The New York Times about his blogging.
I have always loved reading and learning, so it is great if people see a book review and feel encouraged to read and share what they think online or with their friends. It also helps to have a platform for talking about the work I’m doing, both through the foundation and separate from it, because I find people are curious about it.

Gene Luen Yang was chosen as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. He talked to NPR about his new position.
Well, I came up with a platform that we wanted to talk about reading without walls. And that’s just kind of a fancy way of telling kids and readers in general to read books that might be outside of who you think you are.

Kate Axelrod talks about how her novel was marketed as YA even though it wasn’t.
Of course there were some who simply weren’t interested, but those editors who were expressed a similar complaint: Emma was too young. Perhaps the content was serious, but the voice was that of a teenager. Who would read the book? How would it be marketed?

28 authors talk about the books that changed their lives.

A short story by Lucia Berlin on Electric Literature.
“Hear the instruction of thy father and mother, for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head and chains about thy neck. If sinners entice thee, consent not.”

Elisa Gabbert talkes to the Rumpus about her favorite books and what’s in store.
It’s a book of persona poems in the voice of a character from a Wallace Shawn play. Since finishing that, I’ve kind of been taking a hiatus from poetry, not writing or reading it. I would really like to do a collection of essays next, but that feels a ways off from coming together.

Christopher Buckley talked to LitHub about his novel The Relic Master.
As my beloved wife Katie read draft after draft, (that’s fidelity for you) she kept saying “More Magda!” I don’t think I’ve ever really written a credible sex scene, but Katie said “I want snogging!” My editor Trish Todd’s main comment was also “More Magda!”


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