Most reviewers will just tell you what the book is about and what they like and dislike about it. We do that as well, but this winter we got a little bored with that (get it, bored). We want to put the book and the reviewer through the ringer, like no one has done before. So we welcome you to Novel Interrogation Tactics. Our questions might seem a little strange, maybe even random, but a good interrogation is supposed to be confusing.


What’s this book about?

Seconds is about a young chef called Katie who works in her own restaurant and has big plans to open a second one. Her life seems to be going pretty well, when suddenly everything seems to go wrong. Her new restaurant isn’t coming along, her ex-boyfriend shows up and one of her waitresses gets really hurt because Katie starts smooching with one of her employees. She then gets the opportunity to turn the bad day into a good one by eating a magic mushroom left for her by her house spirit Lis. Katie sees how easily magic fixes everything and get’s into a magical broomsticks situation where using more magic just makes everything worse.

This graphic novel is written by Bryan Lee O’Malley, who you know from Scott Pilgrim fame. It’s his first book since finishing the Scott Pilgrim series in 2010.

Fanfic the hell out of it: Who should date?

Hazel and Lis, definitely. Hazel is the cute waitress that gets hurts because Katie is too busy smooching. She’s quiet and a little strange and not very good at making friends. Lis is the too cool house spirit of the restaurant that has a penchant for talking strangely and not wearing pants. Hazel already leaves Lis clothes and bread and knows how to deal with house spirits through a creepy kids book she used to read. They also share a similar sense of fashion and both have amazing hair. I think Lis could use a gentle soul like Hazel, who would always make sure her house spirit is happy.

When should you read this book?

I read it while I was sick. I love reading graphic novels when the flu has me in its grip, because looking at pictures is not so heavy on the eyes. But a good moment in your life to read Seconds, would be after you made a big mistake and you’re wishing for a rewind button. This book will teach you that magical rewinding will not turn out the way you want it to, so just own up to your shame, say you’re sorry and move one with your life.

This tastes funny

That’s not really a question, but let’s roll with it. Seconds is about two restaurants, so there sure is some mentioning of food in there.  At first the food is lovely and mouth watering, but when things start to go really wrong we get dishes like Buffalo-Style Antillean Cave-Rail and sea beans. Then of course there’s the hamburger that makes you wish you didn’t eat it and Lis’ mushrooms. It’s the mushrooms that are the most interesting. Would you eat them and erase the mistakes you’ve made? Would you keep eating them? I hate mushrooms, but I might just eat one or two if they allow me to turn back time and erase some of the dumb things I’ve done in my life. Or did I just miss the entire message of the book?

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