Our first book club of 2016 was about Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It’s a debut novel about a girl with a rare disease that doesn’t allow her to go outside. She’s ‘allergic’ to the entire world, but kind of throws her life to the wind when a cute guy moves into the house next door. A very cute ‘sick-lit’ novel that will have you swoon and cry.

We’re recommending some other books you might want to try if you enjoyed Everything, Everything and will leave some discussion questions at the end for when you’re going to talk about this with your own book club.

Maria Dahvana Headley

A YA novel about a girl with a mysterious disease that makes her allergic to air, but that finds a completely second world. This might be your thing if you enjoy a little fantasy with your drama.

Aza Ray is drowning in thin air. Since she was a baby, Aza has suffered from a mysterious lung disease that makes it ever harder for her to breathe, to speak—to live.  So when Aza catches a glimpse of a ship in the sky, her family chalks it up to a cruel side effect of her medication. But Aza doesn’t think this is a hallucination. She can hear someone on the ship calling her name. Only her best friend, Jason, listens. Jason, who’s always been there. Jason, for whom she might have more-than-friendly feelings. But before Aza can consider that thrilling idea, something goes terribly wrong. Aza is lost to our world—and found, by another. Magonia.  Above the clouds, in a land of trading ships, Aza is not the weak and dying thing she was. In Magonia, she can breathe for the first time. Better, she has immense power—and as she navigates her new life, she discovers that war is coming. Magonia and Earth are on the cusp of a reckoning. And in Aza’s hands lies the fate of the whole of humanity—including the boy who loves her. Where do her loyalties lie?


Flowers in the Attic
V.C. Andrews

Another book about mothers doing questionable things to keep their kids safe.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her children. She did. But there was a fortune at stake–a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dying father. So she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused attic. Just for a little while.
But the brutal days swelled into agonizing years. Now Cathy, Chris, and the twins wait in their cramped and helpless world, stirred by adult dreams, adult desires, served a meager sustenance by an angry, superstitious grandmother who knows that the Devil works in dark and devious ways. Sometimes he sends children to do his work–children who–one by one–must be destroyed….

‘Way upstairs there are
four secrets hidden.
Blond, beautiful, innocent
struggling to stay alive….

Discussion Questions:
– That ending! Did you see it coming and what did you think of it? Was it a cop-out or deserved?
– What do you think of the way Carla handled Maddy leaving the house and finding out that she wasn’t ill.
– Do you understand Maddy mom and why she did what she did?
– How would you respond if your entire life was a lie? What would be the first thing you’d do?

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