Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

David Mitchel is going to tell you a possibly true ghost story.
My sense of being watched didn’t subside. I didn’t sense any anger or malice in the presence: It was more a robust curiosity about what this pale lanky foreigner was doing in his house.


The Silent End by Samuel Sattin sounds like a pretty great book. Read what he has to say about it himself.
Music helped shape the town of Mossglow and its confused inhabitants, all of which are just trying to understand how and when they lost their way, and how to attain normalcy again, if such a thing is even possible.

The Lithub has a podcast and the very first episode is with Neil Gaiman.
Listen to it here!

Andy Weir of The Martian did an AMA just before the movie hit the big screen.
A lot of people complain about the prolonged, graphic sex scene with the Martian Queen, but I really think it’s critical in setting up for the later chapters. I hope you like it.

Nell Zink wrote a self-reflective essay for The Cut on a man she calls ‘Clickbait’.
There’s a certain precedent for calling him “the man” or “the writer.” Those were the epithets his girlfriend chose when she wrote up their first risky and daring attempts to have sex for Granta (the essay, entitled “Envy,” was excerpted online in The Guardian). But that was 15 years ago. I’ll call him “Clickbait.”

Junot Diaz was interviewed by the LA Times and talked about America’s amnesia about race.
A lot of the new generation is doing a tremendous amount of work; the people who sparked the Black Lives Matter movement are women for the most part, people without a lot of institutional power. But the pushback is extreme.

Siri Hustvedt talked about the meaning of hair.
hen my daughter was in elementary school, she wore her hair long, and every night before I began reading aloud to her, I sat behind her to comb and then braid it. If left loose during her hours of hectic sleep and dreams, Sophie’s hair was transformed into a great bird’s nest by morning.

And here it is! We mentioned Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s book a while ago, but his Mycroft novel is finally here.
we made a conscious effort to make him plausibly Doyle’s Mycroft Holmes as a very young man. In other words, we took all the written characteristics (or what little there is) into consideration, and we posited the rest. It’s been interesting to hear the results from those who’ve read the book.

Marie Lu’s The Rose Society is coming out in just a few days so she did an AMA.
If you’re first starting, read read read anything you can get your hands on–and particularly the types of books you’re interested in writing. Then, start writing. Seriously. I know this sounds like super lame advice–but it’s important for aspiring writers to not care whether or not their first written words are bad or good. You just want to put words down. You will have a million false starts and that’s okay. Eventually, you will have read so much and written so many words that you are going to instinctively know how a story should sound when it starts, how a plot should flow, and how it should end. Like many things, writing requires a lot of practice.


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