We’re introducing some new book bundles for the start of fall. And what better books to begin the rainy season with than two magical books for adults and two YA reads of which the second book in the series comes out this month. That way you can binge read both of them!


Vintage has these amazing ‘Magic Editions’ of books that contain magical elements. The cover is gorgeous, but The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter is more than just a pretty face. She subverts known fairy tales in 10 short stories, making them more realistic, horrible and adult. According to Carter herself, she doesn’t create her own ‘versions’ but writes what was left out in the traditional tales. Carter is a master storyteller and will change the way you read these stories forever.

We’ve been raving about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell any opportunity we get and now that the show has ended, we still feel like we can’t get enough. The book follows two magicians in old-timey London, both having their own struggles in dealing with magic, the war and all politics that govern each. They’re friends and enemies at the same time, but get so caught up in their own rivalry that they forget about The Raven King. His magic is old and much more powerful than Strange and Norell combined. Strange gets drawn into the wild magic of The Raven King and it threatens to destroy them both. You can order our magical bundle right here.


For our YA book bundle we picked two books that were first in their series. Both have sequels coming out this month, so you can order these and the new books and just keep reading. We’ve reviewed both on this blog, so it’s easy to say that we liked them.

Every Day by David Levithan is about A, who wakes up in a different body every single day. A moves from life to life, trying to figure out who to be that day. Then a girl comes along that makes A want to stop flitting from body to body. It’s a very interesting premise and a story with a lot of heart. Definitely one of those books that will make you ugly cry even if you’re reading it in public. The sequel Another Day comes out August 25th.

The Diviners by Libba Bray is an extravagant murder mystery set in the 1920’s where the detectives are teens with superpowers. We feel like that should be enough to sell you on it. Lair of Dreams, the sequel in which the teens will fight more frightful things will also be published on August 25th.


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