And here we are presenting our third batch of Oooh Shiny! book subscription books. We’re pretty proud of our picks again and hope you’ll like them as well. If you don’t know about Oooh Shiny, it’s real easy. It’s a monthly subscription that will ship the newest of the newest books straight to your house. Take a look at our picks for August and make sure you order yours in time for September.


22929563Who can resist a title like this and a cover that looks this good? We certainly can’t. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, written by Natasha Pulley, is set in 1883. Thaniel Steepleton returns home to his tiny London apartment to find a gold pocket watch on his pillow. Just six months later, the mysterious timepiece saves his life, drawing him away from a blast that destroys Scotland Yard. Like anyone would, he goes in search of its maker and finds Keita Mori, a kind, lonely immigrant from Japan. Although Mori seems harmless, a chain of inexpiable events soon suggests he must be hiding something. When Grace Carrow, an Oxford physicist, unwittingly interferes, Thaniel is torn between opposing loyalties. Blending historical events with dazzling flights of fancy, it opens doors to a strange and magical past.

23281811For our YA book we picked Pretending to Be Erica by Michelle Painchaud, because it sounds like a YA novel we haven’t read before. Seventeen-year-old Violet’s entire life has revolved around one thing: becoming Erica Silverman, an heiress kidnapped at age five and never seen again. Violet’s father, the best con man in Las Vegas, has a plan, chilling in its very specific precision. Violet shares a blood type with Erica; soon, thanks to surgery and blackmail, she has the same face, body, and DNA. She knows every detail of the Silvermans’ lives, as well as the PTSD she will have to fake around them. And then, when the time is right, she “reappears”—Erica Silverman, brought home by some kind of miracle. But she is also Violet, and she has a job: Stay long enough to steal the Silverman Painting, an Old Master legendary in the Vegas crime world. Walking a razor’s edge, calculating every decision, not sure sometimes who she is or what she is doing it for, Violet is an unforgettable heroine, and Pretending to be Erica is a killer debut.

We hope you’ll enjoy these books and we’ll pick some equally great ones for September. Don’t miss out on those and let us know what you thought of the books in the comments!


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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