Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

Karolina Waclawiak was interviewed by The Hairpin about groupies, druggies and kept women.
I almost feel like “kept women” have less power. A woman who works in a peep show can go home and live the life that she wants to live, but when you’re married, if you’re not working, you have no such agency. If you have children, or even if you don’t have children, your life and your desires are dictated by the person that you’re with.


Maggie Mitchell shares songs that fit her novel Pretty Is.
The songs I have chosen are sad and beautiful; they capture my mood as I was writing and the sadness and dark longings that haunt my characters. I see these as haunting songs, ultimately, and I think of this list as a soundtrack to Pretty Is.

Jim Shepard on World War II, telling a historical story and Schindler’s List.
If you believe Schindler’s List, the Holocaust is a story of German heroism and Jewish rescue, and that’s a very different story.

Claire Fuller is debunking the myth that debut novelists have to be young.
The invitation quickly spread and within a few days we had formed what became known as the Prime Writers – a group of about 50 authors who were over 40 when their debut novel was published. The group spans many genres, publishers and locations; some of us have agents, others don’t; what links us is that many journalists, event organizers and book prize administrators think we’re getting on a bit.

Jami Attenberg explains why whiskey is for sharing.
The Solera was the one I would most want to drink again, but it’s also the simplest, the lightest, the most summery. I realize this probably means I have a less refined palate. But I prefer my complexity in people, not flavors.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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