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We understand how busy you are and how difficult it is to keep up with all the book news that’s being thrown at you every day. To make your life a little easier, we’ll compound the most important bits into 1 blog post every week, exactly telling you what you need to know. Please don’t worry your pretty little head about the possibility of propaganda or censorship. We’ll do that for you.

Australia is difficult when it comes to American Psycho. A visit from the police was necessary when a bookseller put the book on his shelves.


Female Arab writers recommend other female authors from Arabic countries so we can diversify our reading life.

io9 lists the best literary detectives, specifically leaving out Sherlock Holmes.

Did you know that African science fiction is booming right now?

A whole bunch of authors are sharing their favorite holiday reads.

Is the Emoji novel coming? Should we be scared?

Clueless is turning 20 and Flavorwire is celebrating this with articles about the adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma.

Lithub has made a list of Bloomsbury books for lovers of Virginia Woolf.

What are your literary gaps? 11 authors confess theirs.

Fight Club is not just a book and a movie and a graphic novel, but now also a rock opera.

Lena Dunham started a new project, sending empowering emails to women around the world.

Joss Whedon is working on a new coming book and it looks pretty amazing.

Very fitting that Reddit’s first book club book is Armada.

Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries, is showing you how to strut like a real princess in this Bustle video.

Ghostwriters are interesting anyway, but maybe none were as interesting as Nancy Drew’s original author.


Bored to Death book club is set up by two sisters who love to read and have nothing better to do than to start a book club.

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