Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

Lucas Mann wrote a very honest article on his memoir and the death of his brother.
What’s tripping me up is that my brother was actually there. And he actually isn’t anymore. He actually died in his underwear, next to a bottle of Formula 409 and a sponge, like he was just about to clean his room for a fresh start upon waking. And I wrote that about him. And, goddamn, I still think that’s a beautiful image — the forever reach for a clean life, the futility of that reach.

Charlotte Gomez

Book Notes on Rebecca Makkai’s Music for Wartime.
I’ve always thought of Music for Wartime as an album—an old-fashioned one, with liner notes and a B side and everything. In part because it’s very much about music, but also because albums were some of the best models I had for assembling a collection.

Ernest Cline’s long awaited second book Armada is being published and Goodreads got some questions in.
It took me years to write Ready Player One, and I was writing it in my spare time mostly and writing without anyone knowing except friends and family. With Armada the whole world knew I was writing it, because I sold the same 30-page synopsis to both Random House and Universal Pictures before I actually wrote it, which was terrifying. So everybody was constantly asking me about it.

Diversity in YA novels is still a hot issue, but Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper is trying to making a difference.
“In some of my stories, people saying they could see themselves in a place they never thought they would, and now they knew they could write their own stories. That’s mission accomplished. Fuck a Hugo award. I got an email like that in my inbox. Recognition is cool, but I’m here to change lives on that level.”

Kelly Sue DeConnick writes Bitch Planet, the sci-fi comic that is taking the feminist world by storm.
I was at this point where I was taking lot of heat online for my perceived feminist agenda. And I thought, “If I’m going to be accused of being an angry feminist, honey, you ain’t seen angry yet. Let me show you. Let’s steer into this curve.”


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