Are you interested in the thoughts and lives of the bookish people of today? Don’t look any further and read the best interviews of the week.

John Green’s AMA answers are floating around on the internet, but here you have the entire thing.
I really like teenagers as readers. The books I read in high school that mattered to me STILL matter to me, because they were part of how I discovered not only myself but also the full reality of the other. Those books helped me to imagine other people complexly, and to understand that the grief and joy of others was as real as my own.


Emma Straub and Jess Walter have a conversation over cocktails at Lit Up.
We sipped on Bloody Marys and chatted about every topic under the sun from the Rachel Dolezal controversy, Emma’s imaginary morning workout regime, the memoir-ization of fiction, what “summer reads” mean to each of them, and more. We let the clock run long on this one as we really had so much to cover.

Celeste Ng talks about Asian Literature and what that actually entails.
Somebody just wrote a piece on The Toast about the idea of what Asian American literature is because she had gone and looked at the prize criteria [from the Asian/Pacific Islander American librarians’ association] and they’d said things like, “well, Asian American literature has to focus on issues of Asianness or Asian Americanness” but it doesn’t have to be by an Asian American.

Karen Jay Fowler lists her favorite magical books written by women.
All best-of lists should close with the amazing Kelly Link. Her stories are the most overtly fantastical on this list. She makes us believe.



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